Dec 14

Mark Cuban Meets Tai Lopez at His House

Self-made billionaires are no joke. Billionaire Mark Cuban

($3 billion internet worth, Shark

Tank Tai Lopez, Dallas Mavericks proprietor) came by the house today for 4 hrs to play some basketball, talk

publications, and discuss some

future fads to purchase. I

counted how many brilliant points he

informed me. It was 19 various factors. He’s

a damn smart guy – one of one of the most watchful and also

conscious individuals I’ve

spoken with in a long period of time.


reaction when I asked him how it

felt to come to be a billionaire

fractured me up, haha. One powerful

factor is that you just have to win

when. After that every

person will forget your previous

errors. So real … Listen in as well

as you will see why Mark’s a game-changer.

Shoot a content to me or Mark on his complimentary app, Cyber Dust (I’m under

@tailopez). For those of you in my advanced

business Accelerator application, I

taped some

private stuff with Mark

simply for you so go check it out.

Mark Cuban Meets Tai Lopez at His House

Tai Lopez is an investor, companion, or expert to over 20 multi-million dollar companies. Via his preferred publication club and also podcasts Tai shares suggestions on ways to accomplish health, wealth, love, and joy and happiness with 1.4 million people in 40 nations.