Sep 16

Larry King Interview With Tai Lopez: Will Trump Be A Good President and the Best Advice I Ever Heard

Larry King is one of the most influential people in American

pop-culture. King has interviewed everyone from the likes of The Dalai Tai Lopez

Lama and Oprah to Chris Brown and Kim Kardashian. On his way to becoming

one of the most prominent interviewers in the world, Larry King was

helped by mentor named Jackie Gleason. Gleason gave King some advice

that he still remembers today, “You understand the whole secret of this

business, which is, there’s no secrets.” If you combine the lessons King

has learned on his journey to prominence, with the thing’s he has

learned from world leaders, it makes for one hell of an interview.

Learn what King thinks about Donald Trump running for presidency, this

craziest interview he has ever done and what you should look for before

you purchase a house.